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Jinten Fuji Co., Ltd. 
2614 Denbo, Fuji City,
Shizuoka, 417-0061 JAPAN

Jinten (Heiphar) Group Companies                                                                                                           Jinten Fuji Co., Ltd.  Office

About Us

    Jinten Group headquarter, Heiphar Enterprise Co., Ltd., a globally recognized automated paint equipment and industrial equipment manufacturing company was established in March 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan by Chairman, Mr. Sung-Cuan Chen.  

    With his strong leadership and constant effort, expansion of R & D, the company has continued to grow, especially after signing a technical alliance agreement with a Japan's giant paint supplier's engineering subsidiary company, Nippon Paint Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1986, the company made a tremendous expansion into surface treatment, electro-coating, spray painting plant manufacturing, and coil coating and the equipment manufacturing businesses.  Under the continuous innovation and expansion, the company kept improving specialized technology, ergonomic design, excellent quality and very competitive price to satisfy the customers' needs and wants.  The group now has a headquarter and 3 factories in Taiwan, 3 factories and 1 branch office in China, 1 each branch office in Mexico and Thailand, in 2010 one in Osaka Japan and in April, 2017 in Fuji City, Japan.

    The customers of our group companies are largely very quality concious Japanese automotive, motorcycle, industrial parts and agricaltural machine manufacturers, and Taiwan and Chinese automotive, automotive and industrial parts manufacturers.

Products & Services

  1. Electro-Coating, Powder Coating, and Spray Coating equipment design, manufacturing and set-up.
  2. Cleaning and Pre-treatment equipment, Drying Oven, Water-treatment, Exhaust-treatment device design, manufacturing and set-up.
  3. Various Automatic Conveying equipment design, manufacturing and set-up.    Over-Head Conveyor (Free Flow, Power & Free)                  Floor Conveyor (Free Flow, Power & Free), Apron Conveyor、Slat Conveyor,           Various Roller Conveyer, Belt Conveyor, Net Conveyor, Transfer Machine, Lifter 
  4. Paint Supply System, Pure Water Production System, Electric Control System, Clean Room and other related equipment and devices. 
  5. The above related small size to large plant either remodeling and new system.
  6. Steel Sheet Coil/Aluminum Coil continuous pre-treatment, coating, drying equipment design, manufacturing and set-up.

                     Automotive Body Pre-treatment ~ Painting Shop



                    China's Volkswagen Platform Pre-treatment & ED Coating Lines 










  At China Factory, other than the above, we also do below contract       processing.  

             China Suzhou Factory  Steel Coil CCL line                Aluminum CCL installed

            China Wuxi Factory   Metal Press, fablication & painting department  

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